Serenity Blue Cave House

In Santorini Serenity is ... Blue!

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Serenity Blue is a one of a kind beachfront cavehouse in Mesa Pigadia of Akrotiri, recently built, with fantastic views.. .
In the 1950's it was a storage space for boats. It is now a beautiful shelter for you to enjoy....
A balcony on the Aegean, uniquely decorated and according to Cycladic architecture, right on the black beach...

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It is one of the few homes in Santorini that are built into a cave, right on the water as you can see in the photos.
The bay is located on the leward side of the island which means it is sheltered from the winds, something that actually provides calm waters to swim, to snorkel, to do fishing etc..
The sand in front of the cavehouse is black, formed by ancient volcanic activity.
Nearby there are plenty of amazing places... A cave that takes you to the white beach by swimming, and the famous red beach as well.

To the right of the bay and from your veranda you will daily see many sailboats bringing visitors to kayak, snorkel and to swim in its calm waters.
There is also a taverna 20 feet away and one of the most well-known beach bars in the island called Akro in a 2 minute walking distance...

We look forward to meeting you and being a part of your priceless vacation here on Santorini. Enjoy the magic of Santorini with us...

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Serenity blue has everything you can find in a modern home.
A fully equipped kitchen (fridge microwave - toaster-coffee maker, etc.), a beautiful living room and a bedroom with a king sized bed and a full sized one with excellent quality mattresses. The accommodation offers, among other things, internet, TV, safe deposit, hair dryer and iron.

Other things to note

Just because Serenity Blue Cavehouse is located at the end of a dirt road, right on the beach, and due to lack of public transportation in the area, a vehicle is more than needed to reach this location.
You might contact the hosts for your transportaton needs and to get any additional information about this place.

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Serenity Blue Cave House
Mesa Pigadia
Santorini ● Greece, Τ.Κ. 84700
email: pilianidisg@gmail.com
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